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Nifty View for 15th January 2018

Nifty (10681) we said ‘technically now 10700-740 is the next logical technical target as long as 10580 holds’ the Nifty unfolded strong and traded volatile during the day to close higher…I maintain that the technical target still stands at 10700-10740-10836 in the days to come as long as 10580 holds…

The crucial support for the Nifty is at 10580-10550 and the resistance is at 10700-10740-10836

1 thought on “Nifty View for 15th January 2018

  1. Minocher - January 15, 2018

    Sir, I regularly read the NIFTY Support & Resistance levels given by you on a daily basis, and thank you very much for the same and request you to please continue the same always in the future, so that small retail traders can have a good idea of the possible movement of the Indian stock markets on a daily basis.

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